● Miyako Islands

  I went to Miyko Islands by a strange coincidence in summer 2007.

  I leave the hustle and bustle of a city, and go back to the basics.

  We, I and my friends, go camping every summer. We published 'Paikaji and Miyako Nanseien Exchange Camp 30th Anniversary Booklet'   in June, 2009.


● Anyway, don't you think that relations between persons are the most important thing ?

  * Any comments or questions are welcome!

● 宮古島



  毎夏、ここでキャンプをしています。2009/06には、南風の会・南静園交流キャンプ30周年記念文集 をキャンパーたちで作りました。

● やっぱ、人と人との関係が大切ですよね。