■ Game relating Probability

  The view of probability is effective for games which include accidents such as playing card or Mahjong, and for games in which we have many choices such as Go (board game).

  Originally, probability was born from Gambling.

  I especially like Go (board game) and play as an amateur 6-dan player.

  We spend a lot of time if we hapily play a game.


■ History of Philosophy of Probability

  The separtion of science and values was brought also into the field of probability in the second half of the 19th century.

  I thought the subjects, for example,

    1, About the view of "what is the probability", the logical probability separates into the frequency probability and the subjective probability. How such separation was occured?

    2, How the frequency probability, the one side of such separation, was established, and influenced to the field of empirical science?

  Recently, I don't study these subjects.

    To the end of the EPR paradox (in Japanese), Report in graduate course(2009/08)  [Report(pdf)]   [Note(pdf)]

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■ 確率の絡むゲーム

  トランプ・麻雀のように偶然が入り込んだり、 囲碁のように多数の選択肢があるゲームにおいて、確率的見方は有効です。




■ 確率の哲学史

  19世紀後半の科学と価値の分離の問題は、 確率論の分野にも大きな影響を与えました。

    1, 「確率とは何か」の見方が、論理説から頻度説と主観説へと分岐した。 その分岐は、どのように行われたか、

    2, その分岐の片割れである、確率の頻度説はいかに確立され、経験科学の分野に影響を与えたか、


    EPRパラドクスの決着まで, 相関基礎科学特殊講義U(2009/08)  [レポート(pdf)]   [補足ノート(pdf)]